Listening to our customers and making good things happen

Minted Box is a team of experts that help businesses jump the online obstacles they face

We are regularly approached by established businesses, from many sectors, who need an online technology developed so they can fix a problem, increase sales and improve their business. 

Almost always, these customer requests are driven by a frustration with an existing platform or legacy technology that has fallen behind the times.

Occasionally we help a customer with a bespoke solution and then, once launched, are contacted by other businesses requiring a similar thing.

Growrez was born directly as a result of the innovative attitude and expertise we have at Minted Box.
Hotel booking engines are often 'room centric', which does not allow the flexibility to add other products, meals, treatments etc. without having to call or email the hotel after the initial booking.

Additionally, in the Hotel and Spa sector, it's rare to find a booking engine that can service Day Spa guests who don't need a room.

Frustrated by these inflexible booking systems, our client asked us if we could help.

The system we built enables guests to book a room or Day Spa and select almost any additional items at the point of booking,  or visit their account at a later date to amend their booking.


When you need someone to look at your challenges with clarity and honesty, then you need the skills of Minted Box.  We think that change is healthy - technology constantly evolves and adapts and so do we.  

We love learning new things, taking on thought-provoking, intricate challenges and delivering websites and complex applications that make our clients happy. 

When you live to develop, nothing is more rewarding than the excitement and satisfaction of seeing a successful project go live.