How Growrez helped Whittlebury Hall increase sales and reduce costs within just 12 months

Whittlebury Hall is an award-winning business and leisure resort located just off the A43 between Birmingham and London.

The resort has conference facilities, a training centre, rooms and a spa. The Day Spa at Whittlebury Hall is one of the largest in the country and a key selling point for the hotel, with 23 treatment rooms and a choice of more than 60 treatments.


Whittlebury Hall was using separate booking systems for their hotel rooms and spa services, while also paying to be featured on booking agency websites where people could find and book rooms for the hotel but would then need to visit the Whittlebury Hall website to view the variety of spa treatments available.

The problem with their disjointed system was that it provided little awareness and no simple way to find and book spa treatments, resulting in missed sales, customers having to call up about treatment options after booking their rooms, or arriving at the hotel to  find they were too late to book a treatment as it was already booked up.


The new booking engine provided an impressive set of results for Whittlebury Hall, increasing their total B2C sales by 11.6% like for like within 12 months of going live and producing an ROI of 6:1 within the same period (based on revenue increases / payroll reduction and cost of implementation).

Email collection increased by an impressive 110% and within 15 months, the online proportion of their channel mix had jumped from 25% to over 84%.

With an easy-to-use and all-encompassing system now in place, customers can quickly and easily find and book the rooms and spa treatments they want, reducing Whittlebury’s payroll to process sales by just over 45%.

Their conversion of unique website users to sales also saw an increase from 7% to 12% and the average basket value went up by 18%, thanks to improved signposting of treatment choices and packages.

The Results

Increase of Online sales 
Increase in
Transaction Value
Reduction in Sales - Processing Costs
Increase of -
B2C Sales
“Minted Box has added value with eCommerce insight and industry knowledge. Increasing our profitability, saving time and helping us add new service and sales ideas with ease.”

- Michael Stott, Director